Thought leadership

Why We Can No Longer Afford To Overlook Women’s Rights In Africa Too

In the African context, being male comes with a reluctance to compromise for female-related causes. Ambassador Leroy Mwasaru comments.

A Q&A with the Founder of Congolese human rights movement #Sassoufit

Andréa Ngombet is fighting for human rights and political change in Congo-Brazzaville.

Brexit: Exploring responsive and responsible leadership

Charlie Oliver explores Brexit through a lens of responsive and responsible leadership.

The moral obligation to promote financial inclusion

Financial exclusion is the greatest threat to universal economic development. With 2 billion people lacking access to any form of finance, what can and should be done?


Why the mental health system really needs to innovate

Alicia Raimundo calls on leaders attending the World Economic Forum to invest in mental health as part of a responsible approach to leadership.

What does innovation really mean?

Innovation cannot not be pursued without taking inclusion into account; it must be used to level the playing field.


Embracing Multiculturalism: A migrant perspective

Romy Wakil discusses her experience as a migrant, and why global leaders should embrace the multiculturalism that migration brings. 

Why Millennials must steer Brazil’s future

With high inflation, unemployment and crime, Brazil’s future is shrouded in uncertainty. Giovana Visconti de Barros comments on the need for responsible leadership.

How will the energy map be shaped on a global scale?

Dr. Enass Abo-Hamed explores why the commitment of governments is essential to keeping up the energy transformation momentum.

Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces

Simon Rodgers, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Aviva, writes on how embracing LGBT+ rights in the workplace is good for business.